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“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle is a book that is an eye-opener and packs a bagful of techniques and pearls to assist in the process of embracing and enjoying the present moment that brings about inner peace.

Understanding the Present Moment

1. The artificiality of time passing

Tolle instructs us to see that the idea of time is an illision of relatively brief moments created by our minds. Historically and after a while, we see life as a series of events that complicate the living in the moment.

Realizing that the psychological mechanism of striving to control the future is an illusion, we can refocus our attention on the present moment, bringing us a new sense of awareness.

2. The ego and pain body are operated by the mind, they are extensions of the personality, and together they deal with our challenges in life.

Our poor ego-self depends on the past and the future, which allows the suffering and the lack of present-moment peace. The pain body, which is a stocked place with emotional pain, is a factor of this circle with the struggling principle.

Practicing Presence

1. Stay focused on the current moment.

According to Tolle, the only way to real happiness and meaning is not in the past or future but rather to be fulfilled in the present time. That is why presence is a good habit. When it is practiced actively one gets rid of the power of the mind-made objects and experiences the serenity and the calm within.

By watching our thoughts or breathing, and keeping our attention on the surroundings around us, we can come back to the now and be mindful in the present moment.

Transforming Consciousness

1. Transcending the Ego

Tolle suggests that being thoughts is not who we are. Rogation and being attentive to the egoic mind and looking at it thoughtful way can help us overcome its restrictions.

This shift of consciousness engages us with the assurance that it ends in realization of the true freedom and liberation from the prison bars of the ego.

2. The Bliss of The Life

We gain the ability to appreciate the current moment’s satisfaction by plunging into the flow completely. The essence of this is the embracement of tiny nice things often overlooked in life – nature, sensations, and periods of silence.

Through working to develop a profound appreciation for now, and being thankful for each moment fast approaching us, man can be introduced to the multitude of colors contained in the individual’s daily life.

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“The Power of Now” is the title of a book that shows very clearly to us the ability to live now fully and at the same time get benefits from it. The moment we start letting go of our past and present, submitting to acceptance, and sinking into our egotistical nature, is the same that we will truly experience enlightenment and be happy and content.

For better clarity, the road of living in the present is a continuous process. It demands that you have patience and perseverance, and make a specific decision to improve yourself. But each step in the process of adapting to the power existent in the here and now opens up the pathway to a world rich with calmness and happiness.

Hence, make some time for yourself, take a deep breath, and get involved in the moments before you which are often the most important. Acknowledge the mightiness of now, as in now is quite often revealing the essence of living real and powerful.

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