Is stoicism healthy?


Although an old philosophy that nowadays goes hand-in-hand with impassibility gained its popularity recently, the concept of detachment is very much related to Stoicism.

Some scientists consider that feeling stoicism can not only bring joy to one’s life but can also contribute to one’s mental and emotional well-being.

Understanding Stoicism:

Stoicism is a philosophical approach that involves, among other aspects, self-control, careful rationality, and strong will in the face of challenges. It is a lesson that teaches us to pay more attention to what we can get control of and less to what we cannot control.

Through the cultivation of stoicism, your peacefulness will be greatly enhanced, stress and anxiety will be reduced, and your life health will improve.

Developing Resilience:

Through the cultivation of our inner fortitude, we will be able to develop resilience which is the ability to bounce back from misfortunes or life’s stresses.

It is the acceptance of the problems and hardships that lie before us that will take us through the learning experience, and make us stronger.

Embracing Acceptance:

Stoicism advises us that we have to swallow what is incompatible with us and that we have no control over it.

 We receive the power to let go of what is beyond our control and be mindful of things we have in the present moment this way.

Living the Present Moment:

Stoicism teaches us to stick to what is most important and to do what is possible in the immediate present to avoid regrets which will surely arise if the event does not go the way we have planned it.

This practice creates a stance of awareness and thus enables us to deeply and meaningfully experience every day delights.

The present moment is crucial, and it can help us bring down levels of stress and anxiety and generally improve our emotional well-being.

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